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* But some of this: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dymo+12mm+4m (probably in office stores)
* But some of this: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dymo+12mm+4m (probably in office stores)
* Some very fine (black) sandpaper for neatening lockpicks
* Some very fine (black) sandpaper for neatening lockpicks
* Solder braid?

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If you want the space to buy something, add it to the list. If you need it urgently you should probably mail the list and prod people. If it's expensive, you may be able to get other interested users to pledge support.


If you can, add an amazon link or equivalent please!


If you provide links, things will arrive quicker. Suppliers are preferred in this order:

  1. Farnell (we have an account with them)
  2. Amazon (next-day with Russ's Amazon Prime account)
  3. Everything else


Feeling generous? Buy us one of these and drop it into the space.

  • Unisex toilet signs (job for the vinyl cutter ?)
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Crockery drying rack
  • Kitchen towel and/or blue paper towels
  • Screwdrivers, large and small [1], [2]
  • Wood saw [3] - I'll put one of mine in the space - it's not at it's sharpest --Teabot
  • Bow saw [4]
  • Tenon saw [5]
  • Claw hammer [6]
  • Long extension lead [7]
  • Spirit level [8]
  • An iron [9]

- I've got a spare Iron, I'll bring it next time. T

  • A bunch of these and suitable headers
  • More USB hubs
  • USB micro A-B and B-A cables
  • Header cables
  • RJ45 clips
  • Screws!
  • Dymo 45013 cartridge I think we actually need the ink for this machine Cartridge contains both substrate and colour tape
  • But some of this: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dymo+12mm+4m (probably in office stores)
  • Some very fine (black) sandpaper for neatening lockpicks
  • Solder braid?


  • Center punch - various
  • Dremel drill bits of various sizes
  • Hacksaw blades
  • Engineers scribe
  • Gloves - fingertip/knuckle protection
  • G clamps
  • Gas soldering iron
  • Gas heat gun
  • up to 25x 1200mm T8 Fluorescent tubes (36W) £1.78 = £45
  • Laser Printer [10]
  • Dremel circular saw [11]
  • USB 1-Wire interface and 1-Wire temperature sensors. [12]
  • Decent set square
  • Vice/mole grips
  • Lock jaw
  • Socket set [13]
  • Mitre block/box
  • Conical drill bits [14]
  • Metal desk vices (We have one, but it's itty-bitty)
  • Laser safety glasses for various spectrum.
  • http://www.orbitmicro.com/global/pcilx4-5-p-12865.html but not until i've checked that it will work and also fiddled with interfacing the HP1650A to a computer JasperWallace
  • possibly this: http://www.orbitmicro.com/global/pci2mpci-02-p-793.html and/or this: http://www.orbitmicro.com/global/mpci-flex-p-795.html I think my soekris net4521 has the pci card and minipci cards on the same pci bus? If so the pci/HP1650 card above would be fine. (But thats 5V? and the Soekris is 3.3v only iirc?). JasperWallace
  • Plastic boxes x 20
  • Some more cheap kits for newbies
  • Laminator (I'm pretty sure mine is in the space. Somewhere. Unless some twat chucked it out. --jonty)
  • (Bike) Wheel trueing stand [15]
  • ESR meter
  • LCR meter


  • Physical Banner - to face the train line for publicity
  • Whiteboards (1 of 795mm x 580mm, 2 of 580mm x 400mm donated by samthetechie) and pens! buy make Or maybe build this blackboard table?
    • I have a whiteboard ~1m x 0.7m that I can donate - may take me a few weeks to get it out of storage though. --Teabot 08:33, 20 July 2010 (UTC)
  • Pillar Drill £125 auction
  • SMT Oven
  • Bench sander
  • PCB through-hole riveter
  • PCB etching tanks
  • MIG welder
  • Electric Arc welder
  • CNC conversion kit for milling machine
  • Blendtech Blender (for making fine powders and general destruction)

Over £500

  • Laser cutter
  • Computerised sewing machine


See the Components page.


Things we don't need (we have to conserve space so thanks for the offer, but no thanks).

  • Old desktop PCs and CRT monitors (but if it's something special, please ask)


Got something to donate that isn't yet in the wishlist ? Offer it here or on IRC , see if it's needed

  • Is there room for an industrial sewing machine - probably in the dirty room or the lobby ? I see them come up from time to time and think they'd be useful for tougher projects than a domestic machine can handle (e.g. sewing webbing straps etc.). They're no bigger than a domestic one, but will have a stronger mechanism, very few fancy features, and will usually be mounted in a worktable about 800x500mm. As it happens, there are some available on 7th august. --Artag 15:50, 31 July 2010 (UTC)