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An Arduino workshop in progress

We currently have a few workshops at our space every month, and we're always interested in running more. If you want to give one of these, or you've got a suggestion, this is the place to let us know.


Please announce workshops/events on the mailing list and add them to the calendar.

Organising a workshop

Planning an event. If you want to organise an event/workshop (or have been volunteered to) please read our guide.

Regular Hackspace workshops

Workshop When
Hackspace safety induction Usually available on Tuesdays - request in advance
Laser cutter induction Usually available on Tuesdays - sign up form posted to mailing list (don't request)
3D printer users group Every other Monday Evening

Workshops offered and prepared

If you are scheduled to do a workshop, or can definitely give one at no notice, please add it here.

  • (Your event here)
  • Workshops/SurveillancePolitics Surveillance Politics and Crypto
  • RCA biohacking workshop - Quiet room. (Mon 4th feb 2013 14:30-17:30, Tues 5th feb 2013 10:30-13:30, 14:30-17:30)

Past events

Workshops offered

If you can give a workshop talk, put it here. If you need more than a week's notice, please say so. Don't interpret the timestamp dates below as projected dates. Actual scheduled workshops will be shown above.

For certain workshops, more than one volunteer may be needed, depending on activities and number of attendees.

Workshop Volunteer Interested ? Doodle (etc.) Link (
Sticky Stuff
A materials workshop/ Brainstorm that will involve non-slip materials, 3D product development and including a introduction into inclusive design
Julia Johnson Miles Rees-Spear
Kite Mapping lindas
CryptoClass simonvc Simon VC
SMD Stenciling with vputz vputz Rob Kam
Sewing workshop Katie via oni
Open Rail Data - Part 2 Peter Hicks (Poggs) Paddy Duncan
Pinhole Photography wyan Miles Rees-Spear [slots] (or others), I'll need at least two weeks to prepare
UAV hacking/making Anish mentar, Solexious,simonvc,martin,jutt,andrew,brad_kiwi,enrique_saaTsunamie,Filbert,Necati
Hack-A-Thon to add functions to interactive website for RMC
Hack The Media Oscar Laura
RAL Day trip (Mk 2) SamLR
OpenStreetMap - Mapping Party Ciarán
Stencil & Graffiti Art for Beginners - open workshop to learn the basics of stencil making, single or multi-layered and some basic graffiti skills. including using the lasercutter or vinyl cutter layer1gfx iktomist , haywardgb , layer1gfx+3, spooq, Montyphy, Oscar, Mungo, Applegod2004
Infrastructure Hacking - project to explore basics of infrastructure hacking, with monthly workshops. Kussic, Renski,Tsunamie
Web Hacking - project to explore basics of web application hacking, with monthly workshops. Aim is to finish with an audit of One Click Orgs software. Renski, Kussic Alex Muller, Will, John, DavidC, Ten, Booyaa, an0key, Guillaume, WillB, Datagramm,Tsunamie, thebrentc
Entrepreneurship: UK company formation, raising finance (or not), tax and accounts, market sizing and research. Approx 2 hrs. AndyE Oni, antoan, Kevin, Anthony, varoudis, Gilda, Kieran, Guillaume, WillBeaufoy, Dave B, wyan
Pure Data for beginners and some applications including Arduino, DMX-lamps, iPhone apps, RjDj scenes... (Would be in 2nd half of Nov) Yuli and Ragnar Mark, Matt H, dsikar, Mike H, Guy J Oni, Nigle, varoudis, Daniel, earthshine, maco1717, Mungo,Tsunamie,Applegod2004, Berkan, Tom A.
Introduction to Hardware Hacking/Arduino incl live demo Andy "Bob" Brockhurst Ken(des) - quite interested in a mid-week evening option,Me too HalD, varoudis, Dave Durant John, Ed Burton.Tsunamie,Applegod2004
HTML/CSS for beginner/intermediate Chris Adams | thebrentc Kevin, varoudis, Johannes, Tsunamie
HTML/CSS/JS/[PHP] for intermediate/beginner thebrentc Evenings/weekends for thebrentc. Add suggestions/thoughts or contact, best have a couple of weeks lead time..
Microformats for beginners Phae Spike AndrewBlack
Servo programming with Arduino Michael Margolis Phil Jones, Andy, varoudis, Kieran, John, Memo, an0key, Ed Burton.Tsunamie,Applegod2004
Meta Workshop - As many useful tips for a successful workshop/training session/presentation as we can fit in the time. PaulR. AndyE
Ruby and Sinatra for Beginners James Harrison 16:27, 23 April 2010 (UTC) V21 15:03, 2 August 2010 (UTC) --3en 15:23, 28 August 2010 (UTC) -- Eliot
Kernel debugging or something on reverse engineering? Mark SamLRWill, varoudis, maco1717, an0key, Dave B,Applegod2004
Using TFL APIs Mark, possibly dom/harrywood/Paul2/anyone else as well? AndrewBlack, Mungo
Introduction to ARM microcontrollers.
Attendees will work with dev kits during the workshop.
Harry 10:54, 26 July 2010 (UTC) Ciarán earthshine, Andy, varoudis, earthshine, maco1717, Dave B, Mungo,Applegod2004
Ruby for beginners (Max? Chris Adams) Would be happy to do this JamesHarrison 21:49, 21 April 2010 (UTC) V21 15:03, 2 August 2010 (UTC), earthshine, Andy, alexmuller, Softhook, Eliot, Datagramm,Applegod2004
Decent beginner electronics workshop (probably one or two half-days at the space) Russ 10:40, 12 January 2010 (UTC), AC Grillet Ciarán, Phil Jones, earthshine, Bugs, Andy, Johannes, SamLR, Kieran, Jonty, Anthony, varoudis, Dave Durant, John, emmelene, maco1717, Zoe, Guillaume, Dave B, Ed Burton, Mungo, Datagramm, booyaa,Applegod2004, da5nsy, Paultrotter50, Berkan
Very restricted 'basic rules' electronics evening talk - Ohms law, resistors, diodes, transistors. Offered : when > 4 people sign up Artag, AC Grillet John, Zoe, Ed Burton, Datagramm,booyaa,Applegod2004, da5nsy, Paultrotter50, Berkan
Introduction to Amazon AWS Services - S3, EC2, SimpleDB, etc. using boto Rlotun 11:13, 12 January 2010 (UTC) MattP TimHughes, Phil Jones AndrewBlack, Andy Oni, Anthony, varoudis, Gilda, thebrentc, Paultrotter50
Introduction to asynchronous network programming in Python using Twisted Rlotun 11:16, 12 January 2010 (UTC) MattP TimHughes V21 DavidC Phil Jones 15:03, 2 August 2010 (UTC), Johannes
A workshop on effectively using the scope/logic analyser we have Artag 13:42, 27 July 2010 (UTC), AC Grillet Andy (if pitched at a really beginner level!), Dave Durant, +1 HalD. John, Dave B, Datagramm
Vector graphics in Inkscape *Hint, can use this to make files for laser cutter* chrisf eb4890 Phil Jones, earthshine, SamLR, Ciarán, pyrhho, martind, Alexp Andrew Black, corinne, Anthony, varoudis, chio, scary, Layer1gfx, Dave Durant, Montyphy, earthshine, Dave B, wyan, Berkan
Photo editing in Gimp for beginners chrisf (tajasel could also offer services) AndrewBlack
Introduction to programmable logic (VHDL, FPGAs & CPLDs) ChrisMc, SamLR (I can help at least), AC Grillet Artag, earthshine, Andy, dsikar, Mark, User:JasperWallace, Lester, Memo, maco1717,Dave B, Datagramm, wyan, Berkan
Android OS / application programming chrisf, dmi MattVenn MattP V21 John 15:03, 2 August 2010 (UTC)Bugs Nigle Dave Durant Lester tajasel, bmalee, maco1717, an0key, WillBeaufoy, Tsunamie
Blender introduction (basic stuff, one evening) *hint - this means you can build stuff for the Makerbot* chrisf Ciarán V21 15:03, 2 August 2010 (UTC) Bugs AndyE, Dave Durant, Kieran, Anthony, varoudis, Gilda, Lester, Memo, Dave B, Tsunamie,Applegod2004
Blender in more detail (a few evenings) chrisf Anthony, Oni, varoudis, Memo, Tsunamie
Arduino for Beginners earthshine Bugs, AndrewGee, HalD, SamLR, Ciarán Daniel, Dave Durant, an0key, Belen, Ed Burton, ben byford. Tsunamie
From Arduino to AVR (or Beyond Arduino) earthshine Ciarán Solexious, ben byford, Memo
Introduction to openFrameworks matthewvenn earthshine, Jonty, varoudis, Berkan
PCB Design with Eagle CAD dsikar earthshine, Jonty, varoudis, John, SteveW, Ciarán, Memo, asc, Elliot, maco1717, Dave B, Rob Kam
Bus Pirate for dummies dsikar Jonty, John, maco1717, Dave B, Datagramm
Knitting for Beginners PJ - well my other half has volunteered to do this, I can't knit wren I can do this! Also, crochet & spinning. Bugs, emmelene
Knotwork - practical ones and the few ornamental ones I can remember Sam (SamLR) thebrentc emmelene, Jonty, Mark Lester tajasel Oni thebrentc
Physics (Or what I do for a day Job): focus on particle physics (+ scary can do nano/quantum/other if wanted) SamLR Jonty, varoudis, Mark, Daniel, Dave Durant, Bugs, Memo, maco1717, Dave B, Oni, ben byford, Berkan
Statistics (What I really do for my day job): focus on stats for everyday use/ in the media and science SamLR dsikar, varoudis, Gilda, Mark, PhilJones, bmalee, Bugs, Oni, wyan, Berkan
Jewelery Making - feathers, beads, ribbon (More info soon!!) emmelene Oni, Berkan
OpenGL and Programming Computer Graphics Oni Jonty, varoudis, Lester, earthshine, Bbyford, Berkan
Introduction to Regular expressions (or a more detailed talk if prefered) Andrew Black dsikar, Memo, WillBeaufoy, Datagramm
Coffee? Mark? AndyE has an interest in coffee. A tasting could be fun.

JimM Artag John tajasel (could possibly provide Monmouth Coffee on the cheap, but no promises) emmelene SamLR Have some Vietnamese coffee, an0key, Flux, Datagramm, wyan, Miles Rees-Spear

Spirits (ethanol) Flux Mungo (away until 18th) Early 2013
Satellites (HackSat1) Flux Tsunamie, wyan, da5nsy Late 2012 TBC
Texas Hold 'Em Poker - how to play & basic strategy Kieran emmelene, an0key
DIY PCB Making ChrisMc 23:18, 20 December 2010 (UTC) Jonty, Kevin, Billy, varoudis, Kieran, Evan (potential member), John, earthshine, SteveW, Ciarán,danny-orion, Memo, maco1717, Dave B Oni, Datagramm, wyan, Rob Kam
Introduction to Astronomy Flux would be happy to help dsikar, emmelene, da5nsy Oni
SMD Soldering Workshop Martin Ling earthshine, PJ, Lester, Elliot, mars, JasperWallace, John, Radek, SteveW, Ciarán,danny-orion, maco1717, WillBeaufoy, holocenester,Rob Kam, Paultrotter50, Miles Rees-Spear
Introduction to Bioinformatics Cass, Andrew, Nathan martind Gilda Dave Durant Bugs, maco1717, wyan
Homebrewing (beer): Full mash process, recipe design, could also do a bit on judging and/or food pairing Ben F Joe U, Miles Rees-Spear
Screen Printing Jan from NOID may be able to offer this, but has not explicitly volunteered yet. mars: I can do this. JimM Artag Solexious Iktomist PJ Errant RichardBeard Scary, emmelene, Rob Kam, da5nsy, Miles Rees-Spear
Introduction to Japanese Sound FX in Manga Comics - a short talk and drawing workshop in japanese and english chris henson aka layer1gfx
Git Workshop - the version control system chrismear grifferz, Elliot, Spike, Alex Muller, Jasper, Kevin, Cass Johnston, Adrian, SamLR, Radek, Johannes, Dave Durant, Dave B, Tsunamie, thebrentc, Berkan
Bookbinding - beginners class to make a simple book from scratch, possibly a small amount of coverage of restoration at the end Lester Hawksby No more than 6 please! SamLR Adrian Sam K, earthshine, Errant. Interest expressed on mailing list by earthshine, Adrian, Katie, George, Billy and possibly others. Frank (not a member yet)
Hypnosis 101 - Starting point for learning about hypnosis. Let's hack the mind! Hypnoeyes DMI, bmalee, Bugs, Datagramm
bash and basic terminal stuff SamLR unless someone with more knowledge wants to do it (serious I'm pretty poor at this), Ingvar Bugs, WillBeaufoy, ben byford, thebrentc, Paultrotter50.
GSM/Mobile phone networks - what they use/how do they work/what I do for a day job, LTE/WiMAX and onwards with help from Aden? Paul PaulR, Ten, maco1717, an0key, AC Grillet, Datagramm, Tsunamie
Radio basics - Run through various radio systems, radio propagation, suggestions/help welcome Paul PaulR, maco1717
This workshop introduces you to USB. We address the most important issues of the design and how to build a USB interface focusing on the HID class. We also examine how you want a Hackspace USB group to work. PaulR asc, Mike, bmalee, Matt Peperell, Adrian Godwin, danny-orion, Dave Ingram, Phil Jones, Billy Smith JasperWallace, maco1717
Django - An introduction to Django for people who've done some programming before, and have a rough idea of how web programming works. andrewgodwin SamLR, chrismear, Johannes, JasperWallace, Dave Durant, Alex Muller, bmalee, WillBeaufoy, wyan
How to build Nanode - low cost network node, aimed at Arduino enthusiasts Ken
Spinning for beginners: build and learn how to use a very basic drop spindle in a most ancient of fibre crafts! Liedra Johannes, Zoe
London *BSD meetup JasperWallace AC Grillet, wyan
Relief printmaking - woodcut & linocut printing, all the way through from design to ink on paper. Eithin
Wikicode Formatting - How to make these (and other)Wiki pages work better Leutha Mark
MicroSplash - collective website making workshop for fun, meaning, genre subversion, intrigue and wellbeing Methuselah
Interactive Video with Popcorn - A practical workshop about getting started making interactive video. We'll start of with Mozilla's Popcorn maker for point and click action and then move into using popcorn.js for people who are into JavaScript. phillchill
Introduction to Rhinoceros 3D - An ice breaking workshop to help you get started using Rhinoceros 3D. Rhino is a great program for all sorts of design work from large scale architectural work to small scale object design. This workshop will touch on basics of using the program as well as how to include it in digital fabrications projects ie. 3d printing, laser cutting. Miles Rees-Spear

Workshops Requested

Workshop Volunteer Interested? Doodle (etc.) link ( )
Tor / FreeNet (how it works, how to use, what does the source look like?) Anyone using this who wants to run a session? Phil Jones
"Get into DevOps" Happy to run this Simon VC]] thebrentc