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This workshop will consist of a talk that covers all the background information that you need to know to get started with [micro- and mini-UAVs], a live demo, and Q&A. This is aimed at anyone interested in building or flying micro-UAVs, no experience in flying, coding, or building is necessary. By the end of this workshop you will know everything you need to know in order to get started with your own micro-UAVs.

Yuan and Henry will present and teach material based loosely on the points laid out below, provision will be made for exploring certain areas in more detail if particular interest is expressed by participants. Universal Air Ltd. will record the workshop and publish it online as part of a video tutorial, we will ensure all participants are happy with this; else face blurring and voice changing will be used to maintain individuals’ anonymity.

The main part of the workshop will be a fully interactive, high speed run through of how you’d go about getting a quadcopter flying but we can cover other types of aircraft if you want to know more!

  1. We introduce Universal Air, who we are, what we do et.c.
  2. An overview of the mechanics and aerodynamics of quadcopters.
  3. A brief overview of the electronics and software
  4. Design: Aesthetics vs Strength – Carbon Fibre vs Aluminium. Where the design process often goes wrong. We discuss some of the key steps in airframe design.
  5. Modifications/ Adaptations: What can I do with it? – Are some models better for adaptation? We get enthused telling you about all the possibilities!
  6. Equipment: What machines you might little equipment could you get away with? We briefly go over how to make the best of your resources.

    Short Break.

  7. Electronics: The role of the electronics for stabilisation and navigation. What do you need? What is available?
  8. Software: The code that performs stabilisation and navigation. What is available? Writing your own: the DCM algorithm, and PID control.
  9. Testing and debugging...never underestimate it!
  10. What do you do if bits don’t work! First...try out something you know someone elses quadcopter/ flight computer (think ROFL/Seraphim-Forebrain here!)
  11. Laws and regulations on flying UAVs and RC aircraft.
  12. Live demo and hands-on

We'll stay around for an hour or so to answer any additional questions that you might have thought up, and if space is available, fly the ROFL quadcopter.