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(Series of workshop on DIY practical media)
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Hack the Media workshops

A proposed series of weekly practical workshops on DIY video media. Here are some ideas about subjects I'd love to cover and get people involved in.

  • techniques and technologies for better use of the tools in your pocket for video journalism. Mobile phone steady cameras, how to plug an external mic in a mobile phone, better camera apps etc...
  • how to make a journalistic video report with a mobile phone. Hands on video story-telling.
  • video CMS hack day, liferay, JWplayer, and open-source video/conversation embedding widgets.
  • Geek film screening, what makes a good geek film?
  • repairing/fixing video equipment.
  • Opensource video editing tools.
  • What are the best toys/tools? The world of spy gadgets, remote controlled helicopter camera drones, pen cameras etc. with an overview of the legal issues.
  • The solar vagabond. Move your office to a beach or mountain-top far away from the power lines and keep connected.
  • Starsuckers and hacking the mainstream, spoofing and sleight of hand and other black/white hat mainstream media spoofing techniques.

List open to suggestions and comments.