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We have a large outside space, ostensibly for parking vehicles, but other uses too.

We should devise a plan for how much space to reserve for each purpose.

Old plans from the mailing list on how to maximise car parking space.



In accordance with the Rules, if you want to store a project in the yard, you need to notify the mailing list in advance with a completion date. If your project runs late, you should let us know - we're usually happy to extend the completion date.

If your project is large or difficult to dispose of, we may require you to pay London Hackspace a deposit to ensure the disposal of your item.

Pending requests

Any current discussion, or project waiting for space to become available.


Old requests

Probably invalid now

  • Potato Bed (1 square metre)
  • Brazing furnace
  • Gas bottle shed (inc LN2 storage) - Propose space E/F or thereabouts so there's a rigid wall for chaining bottles to.


Out of respect for our neighbours, you shouldn't make loud noise (e.g. by using power tools) in the yard:

  • after 8pm weekdays
  • after 6pm at weekends


We have three LED floodlights outside. The one directly above the back door is switched just to the right of the door. The two covering the yard are switched inside the old kitchen, behind the door. All of these switches are labelled.

See also

Thread on the mailing list where a few uses were proposed: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/london-hack-space/6d3f0AIS8Fc

Project Owner First notification Subsequent notifications End Date
LHS Bikeshed Tom Wyatt, Solexious, et al. February 2013 2013-05-13 2014-01-13 Ongoing as long as actively run/worked on
Street food trailer User:JohnG 2014-09-29 2014-10-09 2014-10-13
Water Project Saif Bunni Ongoing - at initial stages. Located beside Hydroponics. January 2015 June 2015