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Project:3D Scanning

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A general overview of all the 3D scanning and reproduction of objects virtually.

123D Catch

scanning wheel


The first attempt used a logitech C910 camera attached to this wheel, running around the object in question. To begin with, individual snapshots were taken by hand and look like this:

You can see the various things we tried. Sadly, only the hat came out anywhere decent:

So, I figured lets try with video and actually spin the thing and extract the frames from that:

Sadly, the result from this footage came out like this:

I.e, not very good at all.

So I figured, lets try the standard way with a DSLR and take some snaps. Here is one example:

Sadly, I only managed half the pig. I think more photos are needed. This was taken with a 50mm lens

I tried a wide angle lens to take a snap of this:

But this completely failed.

So far, 123D catch has not worked so well! :S

Laser Scanner

New version to be built

Kinect and Asus

Have built the PCL library and the Kinect Fusion. The former looks promising, the latter is being a pain as I dont have a good enough graphics card sadly.