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  • Class: cf. LfmHardwareAuction#Server_classes
  • HDD drives: none
    • Left-hand HDD slots are empty, not hot swappable. Two free Parallel ATA cables and space for two disks.
  • MoBo: [Tyan S2882-D]
    • 4x SATA ports on MoBo
    • 1 PCI-E riser card
  • Peripherals (if different from other machines in this class):
    • Management Interfaces:
    • Other:


  • Does it boot? Initially yes. Now: No. Update: Yes (switch on PSU was off).
    • I (martind) tried to remove 2 RAM sticks, since then it won't boot any more.
    • Fan goes on for fractions of a second, then off again.
    • RAM is back in, same issue.
    • Lozzd suggests: "could be a power issue, or a CPU issue.. going to be fun finding out which though :/"
  • Anything broken?
    • USB host controller was disabled in BIOS, but once enabled USB keyboards work fine.
    • Light fan noise. May just be dust, or ball bearings. Gets quieter as machine settles after getting turned on.
  • Other comments?



  • Suggested price (if different from other machines in this class):
  • Auction link: