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Stand Up ??? AWS issue

 *  Mockingbird, databases, payment APIs, OpenID, artwork, Donna, Hackspace, MPs, campaign crganisations

See XLS in my Google Documents See archived email with subject "Geographic/ceremonial county lookup"

There would be six parts to the site:

a) Joining / profile : Members can sign up by OAuth (Twiter, FB, etc), OpenID or create an account. They can then enter some basic details and upload a photo (or choose to always use their Twitter or FB current user pics).

b) Verifying their identity : This is the key part - associating the account with a specific person at a specific real-world address. My best way of coming up with this is to ask the person to make a £1 donation to one of a list of charities, using PayPal / Experian to supply the name and address of that the credit-card info / PayPal inputted data and then linking that to the account. Obviously this is highly sensitive data and we would need to be very careful how it is stored, transferred, etc.

c) Creating campaigns : Groups such as Amnesty, 38 Degrees and local campaigns can apply to create campaigns on the site. This would be manually moderated. Campaigns could be flagged as "local" (and then limited to a sub-set of post-codes) or national.

d) Users express interest in campaigns : Once a user is verified they can see the list of all campaigns that effect them (all ones that cover their post code and all national ones). They can then select to support (or remove previously given support) from any campaign. Optionally they can opt to support annonymously.

e) MPs and other officials : Of particular interest to MPs but can be seen by anyone. For any given constituency list the local and national campaigns with the most signed up people in that area. Show statistics like "3083 named people and 71 anonymous people out of 10,293 registered voters in the borough of Enfield have Stood Up to support keeping Chase Farm A&E open". Optionally show micro-pictures of people who have expressed support for the campaign in that area (blanks for anonymous).

f) Public campaign pages : Each campaign would have it's own generated page with text and artwork and the ability to list the names (and numbers of anonymous but verified people) who have pledged support for that cause - broken down by constituency.