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We want to make cool stuff with dry ice.

This place will do a 10kg delivery for £44 including VAT and Delivery. I think the majority of the ideas below need the dry ice in pelleted form, except the frozen bubbles, fog layer and cloud chamber which could use the 1kg blocks. We should ask if we can have a mixed 10kg delivery of 3-4kg blocks and the rest as pellets (which will sublimate faster anyway so we end up with less to dispose of).

Silly Science Tuesday!

Tom's Ideas

Monty's ideas

  • dry ice down the toilets No. - Akki :P
  • can we use the dry ice to overclock Babbage? (or probably another old PC)
  • Silly Science Sundaes with dry ice ice cream (needs to be pellets and then crushed up in a clean tea towel re: Heston)

Akki's ideas

  • cockcicles! will have to modify for dry ice use.
  • Fizzy Fruit
  • Shock Freezing Chocolate. Probably better with liquid nitrogen. Deep-chill/freeze a metal tray then drizzle melted chocolate onto it. The drizzle sets softly so you can pick it up and mould it around things.