Hack the Space Day/27-SEP-2014

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Hack the Space SPECIAL day

When: Saturday September 27th 2-5pm


  1. Make a list of things that we need to fix
  2. Make a list of things we need to buy
  3. Prioritise the above lists
  4. Clean up the areas that need it most

People willing to show up

  • Mentar
  • tgreer
  • velyks
  • Jasper
  • Add yourself, YES YOU!

Things we need to fix

  • ShopVac Done!
  • Desoldering gun (needs replacement parts)
  • A3 printer

Things we need to do

  • Stock check all tools
  • Audit all member boxes
  • Record all un-labeled storage
  • Empty the bins!
  • Build multi loo-roll holders for toilets
  • Mount toilet mirror
  • Refocus CCTV camera / test mpeg4 video hardware
  • Replace loud 10/100 switches with HP ProCurve gigabit switches (and update firmware to latest)
  • Re-terminate radio-shack ethernet to enable gigabit connectivity (and hook up 24-port gigabit switch)
  • Run Cat5 (or Cat3 if you insist) cable from radio shack to a side of the gate where we will mount the weatherproof gatephone for visitors/deliveries
  • untangle rat's nest of power supply wall-warts and fold attached cables into easy to manage figure-8 style.

Things we need to buy

  • More shelving units for new members
  • Cordless drill
  • A variety of nuts, bolts & screws
  • Screwdrivers
  • Towels

Areas in desperate need of tidying

  1. Wood workshop
  2. Electronics area
  3. Nuts and bolts area in the main workshop (grey shelves)
  4. Bike area
  5. Social area needs a good clean
  6. Back shutter area (post-emf mess)