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This project is to design an LED-driven light cube family -- I am planning one parent and two kids although you could add more children.


The parent light can have its colour/brightness changed by tilting, moving, shaking or twisting. It transmits its RGB value over RF. The kids pick it up and fade their own lights into sync with mum.

Kids can also operate as independent lights, similar to their mum.

Also has a party mode with audio EQ visualisation, a color cycle mode, a fixed colour mode, etc, etc.


The parent has the following:

  • Arduino Pro Mini 3V3 (8MHz)
  • MMA 8452 3-axix accelerometer breakout board
  • An RF transciever
  • 5 RGB LEDs: top, front, back, left, right.
  • a Pololu low voltage power switch (picked mainly because it allows me to shutdown the entire system from code)
  • Portable power pack & charger (3.7V LiPO)
  • An MSGEQ7 breakout board
  • An electret microphone and accompanying op-amp gain circuit.
  • Push button switch for changing the colour mode

The child units have everything but the MSGEQ7 & mic


See the annotated image on flickr for descriptions of each part.

Schematic of the system


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