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At the current time we have a limited number of trainers for the machine tools, therefore we are running training for both machines on this one list (we may go back to keeping separate lists in future in which case this page will become redundant)

Please add your details to the bottom of the list below indicating which machine you would like to be trained on first. Once you've had an induction on one machine, you can re-add yourself to the bottom of the list and queue up for an induction on the second machine

In general if you are beginning in machining we recommend starting with the lathe - this tool is really at the heart of most machining operations and understanding how to cut on it is key to understanding other machines such as the mill. If you are more experienced then you can start with whichever machine best suits your project needs

For information on the pre-requisites for training as well as records of inductions that have already happened please see the individual training pages:

In order to get a place on a training session you will need to watch for announcements on the 'lhs-induction-requests' channel on the hackspace Discord server

Lathe Training

Bridgeport Mill Training

Waiting List

X - name / membership number / preferred machine / skill level

  1. Mauro / HS31758 / unknown / newbie (if experience is required would you have any tips on how to start?)
  2. Jeremy / HS30129 / unknown / newbie
  3. Andrew / HS27482 / unknown/ newb
  4. Vladimir / HS33354 / unknown / no experience, seen lots of videos
  5. Vicky / HS33417 / lathe / completed a beginners machining course at Uxbridge College
  6. Claude / HS6182 / lathe / basic use in school under supervision
  7. Akshay / HS33402 / mill / newbie
  8. Rob / HS27573 / Mill / Newbie
  9. Oleg / HS28725 / Lathe and Mill / newbie, have woodturning experience
  10. Greg / HS34987 / Lathe and Mill / newbie
  11. Dave / HS33388 / Mill / A Long Time Ago
  12. Alex / HS32517 / Lathe / Some basic experience
  13. Liyang / HS35016 / Lathe then Mill / n00b with > 5 years of YouTube experience

Note - members who have been on the waiting list for more than 6 months without taking up the offer of a training slot will be removed from the list - this is because a long waiting list sometimes puts off new members as it looks like they will have a very long wait for training. If there's been a particular reason for the absence (e.g. been out of London for a while) then this can easily be extended. And members are more than welcome to re-add themselves to the bottom of the list if they want to later on

Authorised Members

See lists on each of the following pages:

Lathe Training

Bridgeport Mill Training