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Pop up TV studio show

We're now at the version 0.9 (or more) of our never ending project. We've been testing, tweaking, torturing settings and gear for a while now.

Our goal: a smooth never crashing live edit studio show set up (multiple fails so far)

Why: we cover social change events and we need to interview and report quickly. Editing takes too much time in news reporting (and we're too lazy anyway)

Set up: usually includes 1 or 2 laptops using Wirecast or Webcam Studio (open source software). up to 3 cameras (including 1 internal webcam, 1 external webcam, 1 DV)

We can use up to 4 sources for now without crashing too much (2 cameras, 1 mirrored desktop and possibly a skype feed). Our processor can't handle posh HD webcam without dropping frames so we prefer using DV cameras. (If you have spare/broken DV cameras or lights let us know!)

You can find example : We've organised some workshop testing here with HackTheMedia and since then are also using Open source software solutions.

Recent post from Hamish about using IP cameras: Have been meaning to experiment with using IP cameras to add to/ replace USB and DV cameras in our live edit TV studio setup. So grabbed the Tenvis camera outa the "useful to space box" box, if any one needs it back it will be in my box "hamish" till we see if it works (:

We are using this software to cover many social change events , next big events are and some London based events if anyone wont's to help out.

Your visit here is being rewarded by these fab pics of Hamish and I during testing of the gear: show testing

If you want to know more drop us a line! marc.barto (at) gmail (dot) com