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This is a network bandwidth meter, it is made from a good quality mbed, a good quality Futuba VFD display, a good quality programmable 32 rgb led strip, a fairly decent home made PCB, a poor quality bodged together laser cut acrylic lid, and a bad quality bodged together wooden case.

It has a 2nd hand 5V 5Amp PSU.

It uses ethernet to talk to things and understands http.

It uses bonjour/mdns/whatever it's name is to announce its self to the network and can be found on http://net-o-meter.local/ .

There is some code on adminstuff (run as user bmeter) which fetches stats from boole and pokes the bandwidth meter with things to display.

pics of build

Code now on github:

and the mbed code is here:

New mbed code, now works over ethernet!