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Created 21/07/2012
Members samthetechie,


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Next Meetup: Monday 23rd July 2012. 6:30pm.

Attendees: I will be popping by after working and looking to meetup with some folk interested in collaborating on this project and getting involved ~samthetechie

Planning the project, collecting materials and looking for hardware donations and volunteers / collaborators and new ideas.


To monitor and report on power usage in the workshop, and profile power usage on certain equipment. Extend this initial effort to develop lower cost energy monitoring with the eventual aim of, perhaps, more individual monitoring of devices or areas of the space i.e. per table or per large multibrick

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User:samthetechie User:graebot


A power monitoring and reporting interface that will take readings from the 3-phase workshop power and make it available on cacti and queriable through other means, EG board and board2. (Ask about how this should work)


Smart 8 way Power Sockets

Hack a 8 way multi brick to have CT clamps internally to measure the consumption of all the devices on a given table. Report this back to the server. Populate a google sketchup model of the space with realtime data using the Javascript : Ruby interface / hack used for importing stock measurements into google sketchup.


Get in touch with User:samthetechie and feel free to leave project donations in my members box.

Items for Milestone 1

  • Nanode (for reading the CT clamps and connecting to the local network to send the data to Cacti) donated by User:samthetechie


Sending Messages to the Board

Basically make a GET request to a URL including the message you want to send. Try this in any browser in the hackspace (for the board above lovelace i.e. the boarded project on irc-cat cat commands): http://babbage:8020/Hello%20World!

Sending Data to Cacti

Can someone put some more info on this in here please, I don't know how to do this off the top of my head!


-The old workshop / 3 phase supply cupboard.


Meetups / Hacking Session

  • 5pm Saturday 21/7/12


Global warming. And banks.


Connection Overview: Analogue

Connection Overview: CT Clamp Measurement Circuit

Connection Overview: Ethernet/Packets

Nanode for Energy Monitoring and Reporting to Cacti


Milestone 1

Milestone 2

  • Get in Touch with Glynn and Trystan from the Open energy Monitor Project for collaboration, advice and share project / ideas.

Milestone 3

  • Re-implement / Replace expensive CT clamps and Nanode with lower cost PICs and ferrite core / homemade CT clamps