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HackSpace Monorail

A devious plan to build a small monorail running around the hackspace, to deliver beer, drop rubbish and provide a mobile camera platform for the space.


Tom has produced some tracks which are mounted on the ceiling at the moment, as yet the test train is in pieces and being re-assembled so its not so shit

Solexious has produced some S-bend pieces which work nicely too

We have( had? ) a working test track here

Track Spec

  • Depth: 4mm
  • Width: 40mm?
  • Material: MDF


more 3mm nuts/bolts so we can ditch the lego wheel holders completely A better method to drive the train on the track, currently the side-wheels power it. Its slow and cant be geared. I've had some success pulling/pushing the train with motors on the back/front against the horizontal track


Barcoded track segments so the train can report back where it is


Beer carriage!