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Project maintained by Solexious, contact via IRC or at

Project Brief


This project is to make a continuity tester for multi-core cable, specifically 15amp mains cable with socapex connectors.


Currently there are testers for this kind of cable, automating a boring and time consuming job. To check a cable by hand, a multimeter, set to continuity, has it's positive lead attached to pin one. The negative is then touched to pin one of the opposite end of the cable, checking there is continuity, then to each other pin in turn to check the cable isn't shorted to any other pins. Then rinse and repeat for each pin.

This means for a 19pin socapex cable a lot of checking needs to be done.

Proprietary multi-core cable testers cost in the £220~ price point. This project is to make one, improve it and make it available in kit/assembled form at a more affordable cost.

I have chosen to use shift registers to get information into an Arduino, then output the resulting checks to a display.


 * Finish scematic
   * Add continuity output display
   * Add power supply
 * Create board file
 * Breadboard
 * Make prototype

Images of schematics/boards



Images of the prototype

Coming Soon


Eagle Schematic: [1]

Eagle Board File: [2]

Project Licence

Schematic and Board