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Project:Open soft drinks

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Open soft drinks
Created 2010-08-09
Members roberthl
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Status: Some ingredients and tools purchased, awaiting further motivation (see roberthl's box if you'd like to have a go yourself).

Would like to start making open source soft drinks.

The most popular non-alcoholic soft drinks in the space seem to be Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Sprite. There has also been significant interest in making Ginger Beer, but this has not really been in stock at the space a whole lot.

Carbonated water ingredients (18 litres)

Ingredient Needed per batch Stocked
Sugar 375 g None
Dry bread yeast 1 tsp None
Water 18000 ml

OpenCola ingredients


Ingredient Needed per batch Stocked
Orange oil 3.50 ml 10 ml (maybe)
Lemon oil 1.00 ml 10 ml (maybe)
Nutmeg oil 1.00 ml 10 ml (maybe)
Cassia oil 1.25 ml None
Coriander oil 0.25 ml 10 ml (maybe)
Neroli oil 0.25 ml None
Lime oil 2.75 ml None
Lavender oil 0.25 ml 10 ml (maybe)
Gum arabic 10.0 g 100 g
Water 3.00 ml

Some of these are available from a place such as

Syrup (5 litres)

Ingredient Needed per batch Stocked
Flavour 2 tsp None
Citric acid 3.5 tsp 100 g
Water 2300 ml
Plain white granulated sugar 2360 g None
Caffeine 0.5 tsp None
Caramel colour 30 ml None

Try Also pure caffeine can be bought easily here £4 for 100g. Probably cheaper than extraction.

Cola (30 litres)

Ingredient Needed per batch Stocked
Syrup 5000 ml None
Carbonated water 25000 ml None


  • Pipettes (ordered)
  • Small Pyrex beaker (ordered)
  • 2 litre jug
  • Small whisk
  • Large wooden spoon
  • Funnel
  • Empty 2 litre bottles