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Let's play with the Osmocom BB stuff.


We have:

1 x J100i 4 x C115

some others.

1 x USRP (for openbts testing)

Paul has just got a Pirelli DP-L10


So far, osmocombb's been built, and the bus pirate will allow us to upload the image, but we kept getting DOWNLOAD NACK. This is probably due to the buspirate being pretty crap at anything timing related. After switching to a direct UART, like the makerbot's, it worked.

We now have 4 DKU-5 cables (the Nokia FT232Rs) and some 2.5mm headphone jacks that almost fit, and should with a bit of tampering.

Cables (headphone connector):

* Blue/copper, green/white: Ground (brown)
* Blue/green: MOSI (grey)
* Green/red: MISO (black)

Using Makerbot connector:

* Blue/copper, green/white: Ground (1, black)
* Blue/green: MISO (4, orange)
* Green/red: MOSI (5, yellow)


Run as per Osmocom wiki :)

Note: Try sudo su, rather than just sudo.