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Reverse Engineering Laser Software

The laser software by Leetro is bad, we need to know about the .mol file that is created by it so we can create our own in some fashion. Also if it does anything fancy when it downloads itself via USB.


The software is available here. Please scan this with antivirus software before use.

There is a special patched version that cannot currently (but hopefully one day) will be useful for exploring .mol files on babbage in EB4890's folder.

Note that this says there's software bounds protection with firmware versions or above (once origin is set)
the firmware is in the "And tools update" .rar file
the above, translated by google
Has comments on the .ini file settings

Current State of work

We have:

Currently to do

  • Figure out DXFs - A python to dxf to pdf converter might be useful. It seems to have got swallowed by by gaping maw of broken links. I've not found a stand alone parser.
  • Figure out which parts of the TXT file correspond to which function calls, so we know how to generate meaningful TXT files.
  • More work on .Mol files?

Initial Analysis of .mol file

See MOL file format for description of MOL file format


See USB protocol for description of the upload/download protocol.

Random Links that may be useful


Works for VID 0548, PID 1005. Description of the device is EZ-USB (68013A), which is basically a serial interface.