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09:30 < elliot_w>
09:30 < earlbot> [ Wipeout recreated with an RC car and lots of cardboard - Video Games Reviews, Cheats | 
09:31 < srimech> That's fantastic
09:32 < parag0n> awesome
09:32 < srimech> Needs weapons
09:32 < parag0n> i wonder if you could get the latency low enough to play ti over the internet
09:32 < srimech> parag0n: That's something I've thought about doing before
09:33 < srimech> ADSL upstream wasn't good enough at the time to stream much video but it has improved since then
09:34 < parag0n> :o
09:34 < earlbot> [ Taito's new Darius arcade shmup has super-widescreen display - Video Games Reviews, Cheats | 
09:34 < earthshine> cool
09:38 < parag0n> you could add two cameras, one in the driver's position, on in a third-person-view looking over 
                the car's 'shoulder'
09:39 < parag0n> for the screen, use a HMD with tilt / rotation sensors
09:39 < parag0n> that way you can put the driver camera on a pan / tilt header
09:39 < parag0n> and look around :D
09:39 < elliot_w> bigger space or smaller car required :-)
09:40 < srimech> You don't normally have time to admire the scenery in Wipeout :)
09:46 < artag> elliot_w: you could have a track at ceiling height. Or even in the ceiling space.
09:47 < elliot_w> omg!
09:48 < srimech> A track would kind of ruin the driving experience, wouldn't it?
09:48 < srimech> Oh wait, I see what you mean
09:48 < srimech> Actually, ceiling space would be even better as you could control the lighting
09:49 < parag0n> you'd have to be able to get to it to flip the car up
09:49 < parag0n> unless you used a srimech
09:49 < parag0n> :P
09:49 < srimech> hehe
09:49 < srimech> But Wipeout has little flying robots that put the craft back on the track, they should be 
                implementable IRL
09:50 < artag> how about a 6" pipe in the void, with occasional Y-junctions and multiple cars. crashes would be 
              recovered with a pipe pig.
09:53 < parag0n> make the bots 3" tall, with wheels on each side
09:53 < parag0n> just big enough for 2 to pass, but whichever way they flip they can self-right
09:53 < artag> nice
09:54 < artag> you could drive them upside down but the direction would be reversed
09:54 < srimech> Fix that in software :)
09:55 < artag> no, it makes it harder  :-)