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dsikar: I think it's worth buying some ready-made manufacturing equipment - as perhaps opposed to the vertical DIY approach. It would be good to free-up time, like not having to watch a PCB develop for 30-40mins. Ultimately, I'd like to get a CNC milling machine to "etch" PCBs - I've read this is the highest achievable resolution, compared to photographic or thermal-transfer methods.

  • CNC milling methods are never going to be as good as lithography -- there's a reason they don't CNC mill silicon chips -- and any CNC system the Hackspace is ever going to have is going to have significant drawbacks compared to the traditional way of making PCBs. The best way to speed up PCB manufacture in the space is probably: a) a good laser printer and transparencies, and b) a set of proper etching tanks. Russ 00:13, 21 July 2010 (UTC)