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The IP Secure300r webcam

The camera is one of these.

The firmware is here


The java app on the main admin page of the camera tends to lockup firefox


  • IP:
  • Host: netcam
  • Username: admin
  • Password: hackspace

It also listens on 49152 with some unknown protocol.

Infrared led control

To toggle the ir leds:

wget netcam/goform/WebCam_MotoForm?MotoBut=Light --http-user=admin --http-password=hackspace

you will get a page returned as either:

webcam_logoIROff.htm (Meaning the leds are on)


webcam_logoIROn.htm (Meaning the leds are off)

How to get an image

  • Java a stream of width and size followed by JPEG.
  • M-JPEG returns a multipart/x-mixed-replace stream. However, the boundary provided is incorrect, which motion does not appreciate, so use:
  mkfifo campipe; nc -l -p 8011<campipe | nc netcam 80|sed -r 's/(boundary=)--sonixboundary/\1sonixboundry/'>campipe

And stream from there. On Babbage, the script netcamfix is started automatically from xinetd and does the same (this feeds into motion).