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Reference list for potentially abandoned equipment and/or projects that aren't covered by the storage request system.

Item Location & details Owner/manager
Blue "pizza oven" kiln Upstairs on top of safe. Not used since Cramer St/Fimo incident Liam dealing with disposal to make space for sublimation printer. Billy would like to install it somewhere where usable.
Blue furnace Basement beside bike parts. Never used/installed. LHS property. No manager. Hand to metalbashers group as they have another furnace set up already?
Brazing hearth Now completly assembled. Managed by Sci & AndyP. Waiting on gas bottle from Liam for plumbing leak test.
Horizontal bandsaw Apparently still here? Confirm presence.
Large bandsaw Ex-abattoir meat saw. Found unsuitable for converting to wood cutting. Will or Des might try to convert to metal?
Second tool sharpener Behind pillar in basement Waiting for ACnode - Ed RESOLVED
Haccess Point Terminal for basement Managed by Sci. Needs mains plug & ethernet cable to make functional. ETA; fortnight? Will put on storage request system when next in.
Small milling machine Unplugged and moved to the triage area of basement (to make space for Bridgeport?). Currently unusable as a result. No maintainer listed, belongs to Nigel, no public mention of re-installation plans.
Tuck shop Was run by . Either needs disposal or a new maintainer.
Vending machine Still in hallway outside toilets. Storage sticker dated to before storage automation with invalid storage date. Paddy might be the owner/manager of this project?
Stratasys Now entering it's fifth year with the hackspace. Still not running. Hipster listed as maintainer.
Toilet renovation supplies Toilet renovation not complete yet. Supplies & equipment left in corridor.
"multiple plotters" IDENTIFY INDIVIDUALLY " I don't even know what we have any more but it still includes the wombled green one opposite the quiet room door, which i think has been unused since we moved." - Adrian Godwin
Multiple objects under electronics bench IDENTIFY INDIVIDUALLY Includes at least one scope
Objects under 3D printing bench 3D printing group storage - Timour
Screen rack by shutters contains multiple unsorted items Borderline if this should be on this list.
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