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Reference list for potentially abandoned equipment and/or projects that aren't covered by the storage request system.

Item Location & details Owner/manager/conclusion
Blue "pizza oven" kiln Upstairs on top of safe. Not used since Cramer St. Tested after the move to check functionality. Liam dealing with disposal to make space for sublimation printer. Billy would like to install it somewhere where usable. Two things that are not incompatible. Moving it so the current location can be used for the sublimation printer is fine.
Blue furnace Basement beside bike parts. Never used/installed. LHS property. No manager. Hand to metalbashers group as they have another furnace set up already?
Brazing hearth Now completly assembled. Managed by Sci & AndyP. Now leak-tested and operational.
Horizontal bandsaw Apparently still here? Confirm presence.
Large bandsaw Ex-abattoir meat saw. Found unsuitable for converting to wood cutting. Des has a metal blade to try in it. ETA?
Second tool sharpener Behind pillar in basement Waiting for ACnode - Ed RESOLVED
Haccess Point Terminal for basement Managed by Sci. Needs mains plug & ethernet cable to make functional. ETA; fortnight? Will put on storage request system when next in.
Small milling machine Unplugged and moved to the triage area of basement (to make space for Bridgeport?). Currently unusable as a result. No maintainer listed, belongs to Nigel, no public mention of re-installation plans. It has been stated that it should be kept, as it is the only milling machine that isn't ACnoded. If the hackspace no longer has a use for it then I want it back - nigle.
Tuck shop Was run by . Either needs disposal or a new maintainer.
Vending machine Still in hallway outside toilets. Storage sticker dated to before storage automation with invalid storage date. Paddy might be the owner/manager of this project?
Stratasys Now entering it's fifth year with the hackspace. Test prints went fine. Hipster listed as maintainer. Waiting for ACNode.
Toilet renovation supplies Toilet renovation not complete yet. Supplies & equipment left in corridor.
"multiple plotters" IDENTIFY INDIVIDUALLY " I don't even know what we have any more but it still includes the wombled green one opposite the quiet room door, which i think has been unused since we moved." - Adrian Godwin
Multiple objects under electronics bench IDENTIFY INDIVIDUALLY Includes at least one scope (The good 4 channel scope is this one: Equipment/HP_4_Channel_Digital_Scope)
Objects under 3D printing bench 3D printing group storage - Timour RESOLVED
Screen rack by shutters contains multiple unsorted items Borderline if this should be on this list.
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