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(Groups to contact)
(Groups to contact)
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==Groups to contact==
==Groups to contact==
1.  Go to here: [https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/archery/@51.5546365,-0.4214931,11.11z|https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/archery/@51.5546365,-0.4214931,11.11z].
1.  Go to here: [https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/archery/@51.5546365,-0.4214931,11.11z| https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/archery/@51.5546365,-0.4214931,11.11z].
2.  Type in an interest of yours.
2.  Type in an interest of yours.

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Promotional materials, stickers, posters, ...

See also: Propaganda.


  • A few of our core assets (e.g. a logo SVG) can be found on Github:



File:London Hackspace Flyer.pdf 60 x 210mm (designed by gmjhowe)


Draft poster File:Hackspace poster.pdf

Second draft poster File:Hackspace poster pdf.pdf

Contact Card

These designs are based on the moo.com mini-card.

moo mini-cards can have upto 6 lines of text on the back and it's suggested that the group name, website and address should be on there. Additionally a tag line might be added, giving the recipient an idea as to what the hackspace is about.

The template for making these cards is a GIMP xcf file Lhs minicard template.xcf

Tag Lines

  • Make Learn Teach
  • A communal space for people who make things.
  • We make stuff, we don't break into banks to steal your credit card data.
  • tinker, tailor, solder, DIY, software, hardware, hack it all here
  • tinker, tailor, solder, DIY... What ever you hack: do it here
  • Tinker, tailor, solder, laser, software, hardware, hack it all here
  • Hack better. Hack bigger. Hack together
  • because EVERYTHING has user-serviceable parts inside.
  • Lathes, lasers and Linux since 2009.
  • We're not allowed to do this stuff in the house either.
  • Take it apart. Make it better. Then add lasers.
  • Like CDT at school - but with beer instead of exams.
  • A co-operative workshop space for making, learning and tinkering.
  • Users servicing components inside.
  • Where ideas can become reality.



Designed to be printed on to round self-adhesive plastic at about 75mm dia. The original .svg file has some additional text that strangely I cannot see here.

Groups to contact

1. Go to here: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/archery/@51.5546365,-0.4214931,11.11z.

2. Type in an interest of yours.

3. Move and zoom the map around a bit (some results are hidden) (and add below \/ \/ \/ )

  • Archery clubs
 * Brent Valley Archers https://brentvalleyarchers.co.uk/
 * Aquarius Archery Club https://www.aquarius-archers.org.uk
 * Pinner Bowmen https://www.pinnerbowmen.org/
 * Royal Richmond Archery Club http://www.royalrichmond.org
 * Ruislip Bowen Archery Club http://www.ruislipbowmen.org.uk
 * South Bucks Archers http://southbucksarchers.com/
 * Southfields Archery Club http://www.southfields-archery.org.uk/
 * The Bowmen of Harrow Archery Club http://www.bowmenofharrow.org.uk
 * The London Archers http://www.londonarchers.com/wp/
 * Thomas Wall Archers https://www.thomaswallarchers.com
 * West Windsor Archers https://wwa.org.uk/
 * Whitemark Bowmen http://whitemarkbowmen.co.uk/
  • Businesses
 * Elite Archery Coaching https://www.elitearcherycoaching.uk/
 * Experience Archery https://www.experiencearchery.com/
 * Silver Archery (shop) https://www.silverarchery.co.uk/