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Since Somerset House is on hold for the foreseeable future a search for a new space to build-out in September 2010 is being held, as another winter at the existing space is undesirable.




  • At least 1100 sqft.
  • Permanent heating
  • B1 or B2 use class - B1 is probably OK as long as it's not directly next to any residential.
  • Little or no internal finishings (e.g. no hardwood floorings) we can mess up
  • Price: Less than £2000/month, including all charges, excluding rates.
  • Toilets


  • Cycle storage out of space
  • Kitchen/sink.


  • Within zone 2
  • Close to tube station (less than 0.5 miles)

Places to Look

Potential spaces


  • Potential know-how exchange with carpenters, welders, mechanics, artists, etc.

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