Clock Gauges / lever Indicators Pledge

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We are looking at purchasingsome measurement Kit

for the space. Pledge opened: 2020.08.29

Pledge leader: deanforbes

The item

  • Clock Gauge and Stand
  • Indicator Gauge and Stand

Budget estimation

  • Clock Gauge and Stand 20.00

  • Indicator Gauge and Stand 18.50.00 Parting Tool Holder - Price: £48.40 "SGTBN 2532 Part Off Block 25mm Tool Post for 32mm high Blade" Parting Tool Blade19.20 "SPB-232-S Part-off Blade for AP200 & PTNT 20 Parting Inserts 32mm high"


  • Essential for metal work


  • £10 -- deanforbes

Running total: £10

Approximate target: £100