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2011-05-28 Operator: Kal

21:00:59 <Kal> the big lathe is making an odd noise...
21:27:23 <Kal> the lathe motor on the 3in1 is making grindy noises, could someone advise?
21:30:49 <Kal> yeah, I have left it alone after checking a few basic yhings 
               like belt tension. I don't think there is a logbook, but I was 
               using it for a good few hours with no problems
21:34:41 <Kal> umm the motor just doesn't sound like it is running smoothly, 
               pretty sure it is something inside the motor

This was the first time I used the
lathe unsupervised so I was extra careful and successfully used it for
a few hours. After a brief pause to look at the workpiece I started it
again and straight away stopped it because of the noise. There really
was no indication that there was a problem before that point....