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When Last Sunday of the Month, from 19:30

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About Us

‘All the sounds are out there … we just need to find them’

Hackoustic are workshops held at the London Hackspace – located at the heart of London’s East end. The objective is to explore the physicality of sound, using a wider scope of media and practices. We thrive to redefine the meaning of the traditional instrument, by integrating 21st century technologies, modern philosophy of design, an understanding of vibration and a realisation of the timbral and tonal limitations of current traditional electronic and acoustic instruments.

Attending the workshops is free of charge, and with increasing amount of dedicated members, a certain level of trust arises. It opens opportunities for collaborative research, projects whilst learning through discovery. In such heavily mathematical and theory-based field, it is necessary to develop fundamental understanding through practical and hands-on experience with the help of others. It paves the way for a cross-disciplinary journey that is not solely constricted to the field of acoustics, but rather across a multitude of practices such as Art, Engineering, Philosophy and Design.

Join us on this adventure to explore this world of vibrations on Every last Sunday of the Month at the Hackspace!


  • Establishing an interdisciplinary practice combining acoustics, analogue electronics and Digital Signal Processing.
  • Growing the community working with Sound.
  • Learn, Research and Collaborate.
  • Active and collective participation in performances, exhibitions, maker faires, and other 'hack' day events.

Audio Kit Access

We now hold a locker at the space for access for any member with Audio generally. In order to get introduced to the Kit available and accessibility, pop to our monthly meetup or contact us on the email below.

Contact Us


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