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Who are we


The London Hackspace Linux User Group (or LHS-LUG) is a subgroup devoted to all things Linux, Unix, Minix, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and any other *nix descendant you can think of.

Any kind of user is welcome, from whom want to learn how to use linux/unix to the experts in that.

we are planning to make events like :

  • Small talks.
  • Installation fest
  • Organize the Linux Day
  • Organize the Linux Gamers Tournament

We want to use linux everywhere, from the Raspberry Pi to big mainframes.

When we meet

We meet every fortnight (roughly) and mostly hang out with laptops, drinks and maybe pizza talking about why we're interested in *Nix what we use it for.

Next meeting - Thursday 16th April

Andrea Campanalla will be speaking about DD-WRT and Open WRT.

DD WRT and Open WRT are Linux distributions for your router. Like other Linux distributions, they offers a built-in package manager that allows you to install packages from a software repository. They can be used for anything that an embedded Linux system can be used for, including functioning as an SSH server, VPN, traffic-shaping system, or even a BitTorrent client.

Bring your old routers and we'll see if we can start running your own Distro's on them!