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Tuesday is getting quite productive, this time including wool spinning, clothes making, laser cutting, star gazing, programming, prototyping, touch tabling and PIZZA


Solexious cleaned the place properly in anticipation of the workshop tomorrow. This should be done every month, at least. Robert's made a list of Chores.

We'll be ordering some more shelving, to get the stuff in the lobby off the floor.

martind compiled a collection of his photos, showing the self-describing nature of London Hackspace.

Making stuff

  • Tamsin tinkered with the sewing machine (including changing its needle). The machine works now, but needs a patient hand. Successful kindle case sewing occurred.
  • Julian cut a rotationally symmetrical business card
  • Russ assembled the new Makerbot Extruder and Glen installed it. It seems to be working (touch wood).


  • An oven & hob have been acquired. Carpentry and electrickery are necessary.