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This is organised by Solexious, contact in the space, via IRC or at CharlesYarnold@gmail.com

Labcoats Available

There are 2 styles of coat available:

  • £18 Standard full length lab coat - Good for general use. - Product page
  • £20 Evil Style - Gives you +10 evil points, but is hot/restrictive. - Product page

All coats come embroidered with the Blue H logo, "London Hackspace", and your name/nick (optional). Embroidery sample


A minimum order of 5 is needed, order deadline midnight 15/10/10.

Please add you name to the list and paypal your cash to the above address, or give to me in person.

None London

Without the London Hackspace line, but with logo and name

  • Evil, tomwardill, M
  • Evil, wesleymason, S
  • Normal, parag0n, 4XL (can logo be black / red?)
  • Normal, mattp, M