Pledge: The Dusty Woodshop Gets an Upgrade

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The new Wadkins table saw in a clean and tidy woodworkshop

Current status


Please make bank transfers to the [Hackspace Bank] account with the following reference: WOODSHOP


1st April - Matthew purchased 2 x universal saw blades @ £70 each plus 3 x drive belts - Total £180 The blades are high quality, and will require sharpening every two weeks under heavy use @ £10 per sharpen. So ongoing costs will sum to about £20 per month.

25th April - Will purchased the INCRA Mitre Fence 1000 from for €154 (great exchange rate at the moment) - Total £115

19th August - Matthew has suggested we furnish the wood shop with a dust extraction system and suggested we use the remaining £200 of the pledge to build a system of ducting from the machinery in the dusty woodshop

Total spent so far: £295 Budget remaining: £500 - £290 = £205

Important Dates

  • Editing opened: 13th February
  • Editing closes: 28th February
  • Pledging goes live: 1st March
  • Pledge closes: 31st March
  • Pledges due: 31st March

Pledge Overview

The dusty workshop is overdue for some tender loving care. Please help support the ongoing upgrades with this pledge.

The main idea behind the proposals is to make as much working space as possible in the woodshop, with the focus on encouraging the use of dusty and noisy machinery in here. Assembly, gluing, varnishing and other wood-related activity can be performed in the main basement area on the new workbenches. The planer and router-table will move out from the wall for use. Benches on the left as you enter will support sanding needs, the pillar drill, chop saw, potentially the lathe.

The proposals:

  • the new table saw will take centre-stage in the wood shop - it will require space around it to use safely - IN PROGRESS (moved, but yet to be commissioned)
  • Sell, return to owners, or donate unneeded table saws. Keep extra scroll saw for spares or as a back-up. - IN PROGRESS
  • the existing fixed wood benches will remain, but the tables against the far wall (currently supporting portable tables saws and sander) will be removed to make space - DONE
  • the lathe will either be removed or moved to a smaller, more convenient bench area (requiring re-mounting of its motor - a non-trivial exercise)
  • the bandsaw will remain where it currently is, but rotated so the column faces the wall for each of working - DONE
  • dust extraction installed to all machines (will require a pledge for pipes and potentially another extractor) - NOT THIS TIME
  • AC Node the bandsaw, planer and table saw - IN PROGRESS

There is a discussion on the main Hackspace mailing list!topic/london-hack-space/mmEDvdHLpi0

The pledge will go live on Wednesday 1st March 2015 and run for the remainder of the month. Pledges will be collected in the final week of March and we'd aim to complete the work as soon as possible.

Pledge leader: Will

We've split the pledge into three tiers similar to a Kickstarter campaign.

  • The first tier is for must-have items. The pledge will fail unless we meet the minimum required to purchase these.
  • The second tier is for useful upgrades e.g. a better blade for the table saw and other spares.
  • The third tier is for items that are not necessary, but would be nice to own (and improve the space).

Tier 1: Must-have items

Electrics for the table-saw, bandsaw, planer

  • 3-phase cabling and associated glands, clips, isolators and plugs to wire up the bandsaw and table saw (cabling, and most of the electrics such as AC Nodes will be provided from the space infrastructure budget)

Table saw:

Band saw:

  • 2 x new blades £20.00


  • 2 x 100m quick release hose attachment for dust extractor (for planer) - £20

Budget estimation

  • Glands, clips, isolators and plugs ~£50

Total - £343

Tier 2: Useful upgrades

  • A vacuum attachment for the dust-extractor - £30
  • Spare Guide block set - [| £14]

Budget estimation

Total - £211

Total Budget estimation

Total - £554


Running total: £500

Approximate target: £554

Total Paid:: £420