Pledge: Vertical Wood Rack

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The proposed wood rack (only vaguely accurate rendering)
The proposed wood rack (dimensioned plan)
The proposed wood rack (detail of braced joint)
The proposed location for the rack

PLEDGE NOW CLOSED (16th April 2014)

Pledge opened: Sunday 30th March

Pledge leader: Felix PL(A)YWOOD

Pledge deadline: Monday 21st April


The wood pile in the basement workshop seems to have a life of its own. It takes up a lot of room, and there are no proper guidelines to what should or should not go into the pile.

The idea is to install a wood rack, which makes better use of the space (ie use more of the vertical space) and keeps the wood more organised.

UPDATE: 2nd April - A cheaper wood rack?

Budget estimation

We will need to get various bits of wood, screws and rawl-plugs. All this will come to around £100.

The wood is:

  • 50x100x300 , 12 pcs
* Floor, ceiling parts between verticals: 2x(900, 950, 950) = 2 lengths
* Verticals 4 x (2690) = 2 lengths, ~300 spare
* Shelves 6 pcs:
  * Lower shelves 8x (500)
  * Upper shelves 12x (900)
  * split as 4x ( 900, 900, 500, 500) 1x (900, 900, 900)  1x (900  with 2100 spare)
* Floor brackets 14 x(150) = 2100 all taken from offcuts of above
  • 50x50x300 2 pcs
  • 1pcs 9x1220x2240 ply for joint braces

The following pieces of wood will be required (together with costing from a quote for rough sawn timber from T&T Timber Merchants Ltd):

Dimensions Lengths Price
(per length)
2"x4" 3m £5.51 12 £66.72
2"x2" 3.6m £3.34 2 £6.67
9x1220x2240 plywood £19.50 1 £19.50

Long screws and rawlplugs required.


Will has put together a SketchUp model of our proposal using 6"x2" sawn timber for the uprights and 4"x2" timber for the arms, based on my earlier very rough design for the proposed location (i.e. where the woodpile is now, but with a smaller footprint). See the PL(A)YWOOD forum for further discussion.

Ed has put together a revised plan (see plan drawings) to reduce the cost [1]. The rendering gives a decent idea of the gross design and placement of the larger parts. The main change is to replace the verticals with single 2x4s, with the joints braced on both sides with plywood plates. To save more money, the floor and ceiling brackets are replaced with parts made from offcuts.


  • £10 -- Felix -- PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Will - PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Mr Ed -- PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Ben -- PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Jonathan -- PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £20 -- Mark aka User:Booyaa -- PAID (ref woodrack)
  • £10 -- Ian aka User:Thumper PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Antonio (gave cash to Will) - PAID (ref WOODRACK)
  • £10 -- Remainder from Hackspace infrastructure fund (Russ)
  • £10 -- Renato (Late but here) - PAID (ref woodrack)

Running total: £110

Target: £100