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A page for all projects related to the hackspace library.

Web + Android app

Version 0.1


Basically just a way for people update which books are in library with an android app. I'm thinking three basic activities (add book, remove book, settings). I'll try and get it into the market as well--Eb4890 21:24, 5 December 2011 (UTC)


Whatever Alex wants to do. It'd be nice to have a catalog of some sort as well as the backend for the android app. But that could be as simple as creating amazon links for each item.


Security - How do we want to authenticate people so we know who added books. This becomes more important in later iterations when we have people taking books in and out (so people don't spoof other people more than anything else). I was also thinking about either having username/password or generating a one time field that can be scanned by a mobile


We have a bunch of ISBNs (from Cromium) we need to get titles/pictures for. I'll post the data on the wiki once Crom has sent it to me.

This can be done from Amazon web services (ISBN = ASIN). But there might be nicer ways to do things. It'd best be done in the same way in the android app so we get consistent data (this would only be done to )