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June 6th

Following the most successful Nanode Weekend - here are some latest developments:

Over the two days we had approximately 30 people take part and we built approximately 30 Nanodes.

Even though there were some initial nerves about soldering such a kit, every member succeeded to a high standard, and none of the Nanodes produced, failed to perform because of poor assembly. This was a crash course in neat-soldering and everyone who took part deserves a medal for merit.

The biggest difficulty was on Saturday because some of the kits contained the wrong 10ohm and 1 ohm resistors. In poor light it was almost impossible to tell the difference between the silver and gold final bands. In later kits the 1 ohm is marked with a black pen stripe horizontally through its bandolier strip.


The initial pledge was more than 25% oversubscribed.

Some weeks ago in early April we though we might sell 25 Nanodes, then possibly 40 or 50 as the pledge gathered momemtum. We took a risk and settled on 100. Then in a rash move Ken decided that 125 might be a better number.

We have sold all of the batch of 125 and have just ordered another 80 more.

In order that Hackspace members don't miss out on the initial offering, a further 30 units will be available to HS members and friends under the original terms of £18 per kit. Please contact @monsonite on Twitter for an update to availability.

Second Wave - Nanode booking List

Put your name here to secure one or more of the next natch of Nanodes - scheduled for the end of June.