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The hackspace is your space - we don't want to put excessive rules in place but we do need to keep it clean and safe.

Rule Zero

  • Do not be on fire.


  • Don't use power tools unless you've had a safety briefing on them first.
  • Don't defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people's safety as much as yours.
  • If in doubt, ask.

Making Decisions

  • If something is broken, fix it, don't complain.
  • If you're doing something major, ask the mailing list first, but you don't need permission from directors.

Personal Items

  • Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in one of the plastic boxes, labeled with your name. One box per member.
  • Larger/more items are allowed with permission, but please note that space is limited. They should be clearly labeled as yours.

Donating/Loaning Hardware

  • If you're leaving something and you would rather it was not mercilessly ripped apart, please label it accordingly.
  • Likewise, if something looks expensive or useful please don't mercilessly rip it apart without asking first.


  • Workbenches should be completely clean when you leave - be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them.
  • Put your dirty cups and plates in the dishwasher before leaving the space.
  • Any items left on a workbench overnight become fair game. Put your stuff back in your box.
  • If you have engaged in any waste generating activity (e.g. peeling wires), hoover the spot.


  • If you think something should be thrown out, put it in the outgoing trash box. Two weeks later the box will go in the skip.
  • If something is too big to fit in the trash box, you should probably post to the list about it.
  • If you want to throw something away which looks useful, make sure the mailing list is informed well in advance.