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Server Bids

See the list of servers here.

Two phase bidding process:

1. It would be really cool if Hackspace members can benefit from these servers by getting hardware to enable projects that may otherwise not happen.

2. It would also be cool if Hackspace can benefit financially from any donations that people wish to make for any of this hardware.

Try looking on ebay to get an idea of the value of these devices...

Place your bids please :-)

Just edit this page.

NOTE that there should be scope to shuffle some of the components around between some of the severs of the same brand and model

--Simon 19:44, 21 June 2012 (UTC)

Bid 1 - tgreer

Agreed with Simon that I will have:

 008	DL380	G5	2xquad core 3.0 GHz	4gb	Nil
 016	DL380	G5	2xquad core 3.0 GHz	4gb	Nil

+ Drives which Simon put in them yesterday (Friday night)

There will be a cash donation to the space (£TBC) and 2 servers supplied to other hackspace members. 16:02, 30 June 2012 (UTC)

Bid 2. - *BSD

1 x Sun V445 - openbsd/sparc development (Cambridge)
1 x Sun V445 - netbsd/sparc development (Denmark via
1 x Sun T2000 - netbsd port to niagra (Denmark via

Bid 3 - Martin Klang

2 * IBM x3950M2 - Quad 2.4GHz with 128G RAM - Martin upstairs  

Martin made this pile of kit available by collecting in his van - many thanks :-)

The plan is to build a VM box for development of various projects I'm involved with, such as Dissident Island Radio, Occupied (not occupy!) London, and Music Hackspace projects.

Also I'd like to buy a DL380 G5 to replace my G4.

 016	DL380	G5	2xquad core 3.0 GHz	4gb	£80.00

Bid 4 - HackSpace virtual server project

2 * IBM x3950M2 - Quad 2.4GHz with 128G RAM - For Hackspace virtualisation project (aim to provide virtual machines for anyone who wants one)

Bid 5 - Jasper/EMFCamp

1 x Sun x4600 as fully loaded as possible.

Bid 6.0 - Ninlilizi - Pro Roma/Traveller campaigning

  • Bid changed (again) once I stopped drooling and got a more acurate colocating budget worked out
2*	DL380	G5	2xquad core 3.0	GHz	4gb	If possible... Could I get this with a side order of extra ram?....

Yes I'd <3 one of those machines with more ram then I could fit onto a 747 full of sheep... But realistically, the power requirements of the machine would be a financial drain looking at datacentre energy related price points for the initial development and testing phases. Though, plainly when reaching the end of the year... One of those 128GB quad, quad beasts is exactly what will be needed in adition to the G5's.... Though would be delighted with just the G5's alone at this immediate stage of the project. I just humbly ask that you consider the potential for a life changing prospect for what are the most universally dissavantaged and oppressed people througout recent history. And give this the chance you feel it's worth.

I'm looking for something that I can use to consolidate a chunk of existing stuff. As well as providing a incubator for current projects and collaborative environment.

I'm involved in various projects all relating to either Traveller or Roma rights which span the entirely of Europe through to India. I'm involved in looking after infrastructure for the Traveller Solidarity network (While bought you last years Dale Farm resistence)... This involves multiple websites and are looking for something to support a good set of collaborative tools to make remote working more efficient... And to teach the hippies that there is more to online orgnising then email lists.

Also, I'm currently involved in incubating some projects relating to european Roma. Here I am working with some real experienced members of the community who have been doing full time voluntary work at the grass roots level in support of Roma across the entirety of europe for the last 50 years. And these people have been the driving force behind everything positive in that area that has happened in that timeframe. So... Lot's of things being explored there to bring these peoples campaigning upto modern day tech.

A big project we are just embarking upon... Which we're looking to spend the next several years developing and putting together is a system to enable the entire Roma population the ability to vote on various issues relevant to the work of various pro-roma organisations. Yes, there are an aweful lots of us across europe... So this is no simple task, either techinically or socially. But is seen as an ongoing long term project to bring Roma the first proper political self-representation of wishes and oppinions in history. And building on this to eventually support an application for associate membership of the UN Beyond the already experienced people in the political and legal arena's... Tech again is a new tool in this fight... And lot's of potential solutions are being explored and advice taken for how to progress with making this happen. And it is understood that the scale is going to require a real special solution developing. My personal skill level for reference is 2 decades of obsessively fulltime personal code tinkering and beating linux with a hammer. So, have a very capable techincal background to be attempting such a large project. Also, anything awesome developed would be shared with the world. This is going to involves some extreme levels of concurrency however it is sliced... I've got a technically solid plan for achiving some real tight cpu requirements for this. But will still require a crazy chunk of ram to happen... Not detailing technical stuff in public... But would be happy to discuss directly if your concerened about the potential sanity of my approach :) There are also a pile of smaller projects, involving low level social networking and educational stuff all for the benefit of Roma. And again a good piece of iron with plenty of resources will make the development and testing of solutions designed for scalling to epic proportions and developing a unique solution to turn this scary task into a piece of elegance... will make life so much easier... and hopefully supply something that can keep the long term stuff floating without having to worry about buying more kit for a very long time.

Now, I realise that colocating this stuff is not entirely cheap excursion. But, although immediate budgets are non existent. The number of pro Traveller and pro Roma pies I'm tech supporting and friendly organisations. A good piece of iron that can be carved up into virtualised pieces to consolodate their stuff. Jointly funded by all of them... Which has been confirmed people are willing to do, if I can make the hardware happen. Would then become more manageable. And save me no end of administrative tail chasing by overall reducing the amount of seperate stuff scattered all over the place for the pile of humanitarian projects I am supporting. And any spare resources, I'd hope to be able to offer to other similar projects that may help my people. As may come along

Bid 6.1 - Ninlilizi - Personal projects (and cheaper to run endpoint for my home internet connection)

1*	DL360		2xdual core 3.0	GHz	4gb	

Could I get more information about the fault? ie, would I be looking to womble a new controller or just the drives? This one... I would like for personal projects.... As it is twice as powerful in every spec to my current dedibox.. And have a rack of quotes from local facilities where I could host it at 2/3rds the cost of what I'm paying now. So will increase my headroom for awesome hacking.

Bid 7 - Dave Brown

2* multiple-CPU boxes with heaps of memory (more than 4GB per CPU, and a moderate amount of disk (100 GB sounds good to me). For example IBM x3950M2 Quad, 128gb Or alternatively Sun 4600 with lots of CPUs

The ambition is to build a test compute server environment, where concurrent algorithms can be tested with raw and unrestricted access to the hardware. In a sense, this is the opposite end of a virtual machine server - as convenience is sacrificed to performance. My initial area of interest is the C++11 concurrency model, locking primitives, and memory model.

I would like 2 servers for resiliency and to explore the x9350M2 link behaviour
I have a slight preference for 2.9GHz x3950s

Bid 8 - Jon Fautley

1 x DL380 G5 (#004) - £75.00

Bid 9 - Ashley Nicholls (spooky)

1 x x3950M2 servers (128GB) - £150

Bid 10 - Will Gilchrist (Big Will)

  1. 6 - £60 (X3850 M2)
  2. 12 - £60 (X3850 M2)

Wanted to build a testing enviroment for software development.

Bid 11 - Aden

Aden, one of the 128GB ibms, a sun with maxed out (8?) cpus and memory, and a t2000 maxed out if possible, interested to do some GSM rainbow tables and encryption cracking stuff, bidding £300 for a few decent servers.

Bid 12 - David (dg)

1 x DL360 G5 (#001?) - £50.00

Bid 13 - David (Daithi)

1 x Sun x4600 4 * Dual 2.8GHz 16GB - £75.00 if there's any spare and you can't get a better offer somewhere else and want shot of it. I have no major plan or project so there's probably a better home.

Bid 14 - James (JamesHarrison)

1 x Sun x4600 4 * Dual 2.8GHz 16GB - £75 on the same grounds as above, planning on using it for video processing and encoding/analysis 1 x X3850 (#6 or #12) - £75, also for video analysis research purposes

Bid 15 - David Murphy

1 x Sun x4600 4 * Dual 2.8GHz 16GB - £75 on the same grounds as above, planning to do some bioinformatics messing around and image analysis on it.

Per discussion on the mailing list, bid withdrawn. probably better for the space to auction them for money for awesome things.

Bid 16 - Martin Dengler

Bid withdrawn, as I think realistically the Hackspace could get more money off ebay (though I'd love the hardware), so it's not fair.

1 x Sun x4600 4 * Dual 2.8GHz 16GB - £75 on the same grounds as above.

2 x Sun x4600 2 * Dual 2.8GHz 16GB - £75 on the same grounds as above.