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* Turing (Bitfolk VM)
* Turing (Bitfolk VM)
* [[Babbage]] (Server in the space)
* [[Babbage]] (Server in the space)
* Lovelace (Workstation - [[Makerbot]])
* [[Lovelace]] (Workstation - [[Makerbot]])
* Flowers (Media PC and [[Door control system]])
* [[Flowers]] (Media PC and [[Door control system]])
== Potential names ==
== Potential names ==

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The naming scheme of systems in the hackspace is "people involved in computing". However, pronunciation issues rule out names like Dijkstra, Kay and Hoare.

Old names

Names used on systems no longer in use.

  • Knuth

Current names

Potential names

Potential names on the edge of the scheme

Potential names not from the scheme

  • Pong/Ping
  • Micropig/Spiderpig
  • Bubbles, Buttercup & Blossom