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Hi, I am Chris Driver - G6CMD - and I will be your course tutor!

Tutors thread - for discussion over arranging the course, exams and marking (no, we will not post the answers here first!) Tutors - Wants: I need someone who can send and receive morse (not transmitted - just sent with a morse keyer and a tone generator). I also need someone who can act as a decoy - HF and VHF/UHF to be the 'other half' in a QSO. Exam - penciled in for first weekend in October. I need someone to be the 'chief invigilator'. It cannot be me as I am the 'Tutor'. I can invigilate. The Chief Invigilator will receive the exam papers and takes responsibility for the exam. They do not need to be a qualified tutor nor do they need to be a radio amateur or examiner.

Students thread - for prep and organising tutorials and exams Students - I recommend you get a copy of 'Foundation Now' and 'Exam Secrets' from the RSGB. I also recommend you get yourself signed up on one of the amateur radio exam testing web sites. Also, take a look at the syllabus -

73 Chris

Times fixed 13:00 - thanks Alex!

This is Foundation licence on a double mocha - I know you are all intelligent people, so I do not intend to dwell on the basic technical stuff at this level. We would normally budget 12-15 hours of contact time, but you are getting just 8! There will be homework, tears before bed time, but results at the end :)

Get yourself onto to sign up and practice!

Due to the very limited time, I need you to apply for the exam tomorrow! I will bring the forms. You will need to bring your debit/credit or cheque book!

Draft schedule (it is mainly the practicals which I will need to adjust...): FOUNDATION COURSE September 2011 - London Hackspace

Lesson 1 10-Sep-11 Notes

Introduction Tutors, Money, Practicals, Materials (notes, syllabus, licence, book) , Exam Issue & fill out forms CATCE, RoA Amateur Radio Licence levels, Hobby, Freindship, Skills, Raynet Tech Basics 1 water / symbols / m k M / simple cct


Lesson 2 10-Sep-11

Tech Bascis 2 P = IV V = IR DC AC AF RF f λ Licence regs 1 callsigns identification freq schedule vhf spec bandplans Practical - Morse Rx All students RECEIVE a message Practical - Morse Tx Each student SENDS a message


Lesson 3 10-Sep-11

Antennas & feeders 5 antenna types coax balun ERP ATU polarisation BNC PL259 SWR Licence regs 2 band plans / codes / Ofcom / operating / phonetics

Practical - VHF CQ & QSO CQ & QSY, Phonetics, S meter, RST, Rx data, freqency, squelch, AF gain Practical - Station Assembly Mains PSU, Tx/Rx, SWR, ATU, Antenna


Lesson 4 17-Sep-11 Notes

Collect & mark homework Tx & Rx Simple Tx / modulation / simple Rx Practical - HF Rx Rx SSB & CW, RIT, S meter, AF & RF gain Practical - HF Tx mic gain, ATU, CQ & QSO Practical - SWR dipole 144 MHz


Lesson 5 17-Sep-11

Propagation HF & VHF Repeaters Principle offset access tones (demo) Safety Mains Earths PME fuses 13A plug emergencies antennas headphones

Lesson 6 17-Sep-11

EMC prevention / immunity / tvi pix Exam technique multiple choice do's & don'ts documents ID Mock exam 1 25 questions Homework Mock exam 2 (mark via email)

Exam Oct-11