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Favorite last words: The sun is God (Turner)

Least favorite last words: Mozart (Mahler)

Favorite living artist: Zak Smith

Favorite dead artist: Rembrandt

Favorite living musician(s): Autechre

Favorite dead musician(s): Chopin

Favorite living language: Mazahua

Favorite dead language: The Akkadian of Old Babylonia

Favorite living plantstructure: Trees

Favorite dead plantstructure: Dried Xylem

Favorite living legend: 'The West'

Favorite dead legend: 'The East'

Favorite living cat: Roo roo

Favorite dead cat: Schrodinger's

Favorite unliving giant: Pantagruel

Favorite undead giant: Goliath

Favorite living dead: Zombies from that movie... what's it called... No wait... it was -- an amazing webcomic by Jesse Reklaw that you might read and/or contribute to, if you like dreams.

Favorite dead living: Cats who have used 2/3 of their 9 lives but always get stuck on that miniboss

Favorite living daylights: Brief glimmers of sun at about noon

Favorite dead daylights: (a piano falls on your head)