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On Thursday 19th November 2015 we set about clearing the dumping ground in the basement between the wood racks and members boxes. The area is not supposed to be storage but became one during the space refurbishment. We're now in desperate need of more members box shelves, so it has to go!


After working through everything in the area we found that >50% of it was actual rubbish, and the majority of the remainder should be either sold, installed, or removed from the space ASAP. If you know something about an item please let me know, I've not had time to search all the wiki/mailing list for information about them.

I will be actively chasing up everything on this list until we manage to clear the area.

A notice about removing things

Just because things on this list need removing does not mean they are free to take. ANYTHING BELONGING TO THE SPACE MUST NOT BE REMOVED WITHOUT TALKING TO THE TRUSTEES FIRST. If things are removed without approval it will be treated as theft.

Current Occupants

Item Picture Description Owner Status
Draper Band Saw
Dump draper band saw.jpg
Has a DNH that expired in 2014. Apparently needs a new blade? LHS Unknown
3x LCD TV's
Dump lcd tvs 1.jpg
Has an invalid DNH that expired in October Unknown NOD-ed
Treadmill motor
Dump treadmill motor.jpg
Has multiple expired DNH stickers from 2014, apparently a replacement motor for the lathe we no longer have? Phil Roy NOD-ed
Bit of some kind of vice?
Dump bit of vice.jpg
May be a tailstock. We're not sure. Dean Forbes Belongs to Dean, being removed
Table saw
Dump table saw.jpg
Donated by Artag in the long-past. "It needs some maintenance and a fence, but we have better options now" LHS (Paddy/Artag) Either being stripped for parts or binned
Large scroll saw
Dump scroll saw.jpg
"Needs a new insert and the table needs the dings taken out of it" LHS (Henry) Came from the same person as the big band saw. Being evaluated.
Master Fan
Dump master fan.jpg
No idea if it works Unknown NOD-ed
Enormous drum of metal
Dump metal bin.jpg
An oil drum of metal bits Dean Forbes Part of the bedframe project and covered by it's DNH
Metal bedframe
Dump dean bed.jpg
A bedframe under construction. No DNH stickers but has a valid DNH Dean Forbes Currently being worked on
Old welding unit
Dump old welder.jpg
Is enormous and heavy. Has cool wheels. No valid DNH. Apparently being removed shortly? Dean Forbes NOD-ed. Apparently being removed shortly if we don't want the cool innards for display
Dump new welder.jpg
One of our old welders, apparently being given to SLMS LHS Apparently waiting for SLMS to collect, but they were supposed to do it last week
Router/Saw table
Dump router table saw.jpg
Used to be in the wood shop LHS Unknown
Band saw
Dump band saw.jpg
Missing the table, we do not want it. LHS (Henry) Being sold or removed, depending on the owner
Bench sander
Dump bench sander.jpg
Motor is dead. May be being repaired with the motor from the table saw. LHS (Mentar) Paddy is checking to see if it can be repaired, otherwise Mentar is removing it
Sheet of stainless steel
Dump stainless.jpg
An enormous sheet of stainless steel, part of the bed project Dean Forbes Part of the bed project
Scooter wheels
Dump scooter wheels.jpg
Two scooter wheels, rumoured to belong to Patrick Dent Patrick Dent? NOD-ed
A hoover
Dump hoover.jpg
Presumably used for extraction for the band saw LHS Unknown
Some kind of knitting device
Dump knitting thing.jpg
Has had a previous DNH, but is now invalid and missing Unknown NOD-ed
A Muc Off tub with bike bits in it
Dump muc off.jpg
No DNH, may actually just belong to the bike area Unknown NOD-ed
Metal plate
Dump steel plate.jpg
Has sharp edges. Ouch. DNH is not actually for the plate. Unknown Being scrapped on Monday 23rd
Two large pieces of flight case material
Dump flight case stuff.jpg
No DNH. People seem to remember someone building flight cases with it. Unknown NOD-ed
Three LCD screens in bits
Dump lcd tvs 2.jpg
No valid DNH Simon Tyszko Just applied for a new storage request
A large linear actuator
Dump linear actuator.jpg
Quite nice really. No idea why we have it. LHS? NOD-ed
Large etch tank
Dump etch tank.jpg
Moved to be next to the main etching tanks LHS (Paddy/Artag) Still planned to be installed