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I do a bunch of [[Special:Contributions/Kraptv|wiki edits]], I guess.
I used to be really active with [[Special:Contributions/Kraptv|wiki edits]] and was active as a member and infrastructure volunteer in the space from 2014-2018.  Then I got tired.
I wimped out on trying for a London Hackspace trustee because I moved out of London and didn't want to be personally liable for someone chopping their arm off and losing my house over it.  ;-) My original 'trustee' blurb was going to be something like the following:
I wish you all the best wherever you may be.
The space and its community enables me to ‘do fun stuff’ - this includes amateur radio, hobbyist electronics, shop crafts, and share the occasional joke or interesting idea - physically and virtually.
As a trustee, I’d like to improve our ability to win community/tech grants to sustain and enhance the space, share more positive news publicly via Twitter and other means, and help new members participate positively in the community and reduce theft in the space. 
I want to repair and improve the broken camera infrastructure, build an automated pedestrian rear-gate and make the space more handicap-accessible.
In 2015, I’m proud because I:
* co-instructed for both foundation (beginner) and intermediate amateur radio courses with 100% participant pass rate
* helped London Hackspace get the Radio Society of Great Britain Club of the Year 2015 award by writing the winning essay
* Got the Back-Gate phone repaired for free by the manufacturer (asking nice works well)
* wrote my first major grant proposal for rehabilitating and enhancing the space
* volunteered for infrastructure improvements both physical (upgrading light fixtures, general maintenance and improvement) and technical/virtual (system maintenance, networking upgrades, telephony, and more)
* actively created, maintained and enhanced documentation on the London Hackspace wiki
* gave physical tours and documented my tour-script to assist other members. 
* provided virtual video tours using Periscope to a remote audience.
* represented LHS in the “Do Not Hack” Mini-Documentary

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I used to be really active with wiki edits and was active as a member and infrastructure volunteer in the space from 2014-2018. Then I got tired.

I wish you all the best wherever you may be.