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If you can't see it and it does something, I firmly believe it's witchcraft. I am consequently not very good at electronics.

I studied engineering because I thought it would mean I'd get to make things. Took me a year or two to realize the mistake I'd made and start acquiring hobbies which would require me to make things instead. I enjoy:

  • Making costumes and props. I've enjoyed a variety of LARP systems, and London has no shortage of social events requiring costume.

NB Aegis.jpg NB Zombie.jpg NB Venice.jpg

  • Leatherwork. I've made quite a lot of armour over the years, as well as pouches, books and whatnot.

NB TabCase.jpg NB Book.jpg NB Handbag.jpg

  • 3D drawing and printing. I've enjoyed pottering around with 3ds Max for years, but only recently discovered that the technology existed to let me make physical stuff.

NB ColdDarkGrave.jpg NB AZR.jpg NB Ships.jpg NB SubsMax.jpg NB SubsSLS.jpg

  • Modelmaking. I've played a variety of wargames and RPGs and made models for them ranging from conversions of existing kits to scratchbuilt fabrications from foamboard or styrene or resin casts. Even the odd boardgame or two.

NB Ship.jpg NB Catan.jpg NB Docking.jpg NB Knights.jpg

  • Casting. I've done some resin casting and a little bit with brass. Mean to get myself making pewter, which only needs a gas hob rather than a furnace.

NB Furnace.jpg NB Pouring.jpg NB Knife.jpg

  • Brass etching. I've been tinkering with galvanic etching for the last year or two for a variety of projects.

NB Flyer.jpg

  • Structural Baking - gingerbread's good for this. You can also make origami in spring roll pastry and then fry it.
  • Foamboard. So easy to make things with it feels like cheating.

NB Tree.jpg

  • Wound simulation. I know a lot of gorily-minded medical students.

NB Amputation.jpg NB Amputation2.jpg NB Stab.jpg NB Knuckles.jpg

  • Igloos. They're awesome. One day I'll live somewhere with enough snow to do them properly.

NB Igloo1.jpg NB Igloo2.jpg