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Hello, my name is Guy and I like generative music and well engineered systems.


I use a combination of Pure Data/MaxMSP and Ableton Live to make my music but I like trying out other things that interest me. Recently I had a look at Iannix which is a really interesting OSC sequencer and I've dabbled with Super Collider.


My studio at home is pretty crammed with synths/samplers/effects and I have a hardware setup centred around a Boss RC50 loop pedal. I like the immediacy of control that you get with hardware compared to software, but it's so much more effort to lug it about. I also like building my own hardware and it was building guitar effects that initially got me more heavily into music. I don't get to do so much of this these days but I'm looking to get involved in projects that will mean I can.

Programming Languages

  • PHP, TCL, Python, C, C++ and Javascript all to varying degrees. Probably a couple other "ordinary" languages as well that I've forgotten.
  • PureData, Max/MSP, Processing, Super Collider and Arduino for more musically interesting things.

Music Hackspace Projects I'm Interested In

I'd like to Collaborate/Give a hand with...

  • Generative music in pretty much any form
  • PureData and Max/MSP workshops
  • Making audio/controller hardware

My Traditional Instruments

  • Guitar (acoustic/electric/bass)
  • Keyboard
  • BeatBoxing

Things that inspire me

  • An awful lot of stuff..... This section needs more thought

My Websites/Projects

My blog where I post about audio programming, some of the projects I'm working on and other musings I have. Updates can be a bit sporadic but when I'm doing a patch-a-day month I'll update every day.

Here's where you can find most of the music I create. It all falls somewhere between trip hop, downtempo, dubstep and glitch. I don't really know, I just make it.

This currently points to my bandcamp page. The album on here was done with my coffee table hardware setup and is a mix of industrial harsh noise and dub. I'll stick a picture of the setup here soon.

PatchWerk Radio is a project I created in February of 2011. It's an internet radio station that uses PureData and Python to stream generative music 24/7/365 (except when it crashes occasionally)

Github is where I keep all of the code for my projects. There's a lot of PureData stuff on here as well as some PHP/Python/C++ projects, most of which aren't audio but are pretty interesting. All the code and patches for PatchWerk Radio is on here.

Last year in November I created and wrote about a new PureData patch every day. I'm doing the same this year and you can find all the relevant posts above.