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  1. the plans below are at screen resolution. If you require print resolution contact AlisonW.
  2. the rear walls are vertically above each other, the front are not.
  3. a few measurements need to be reconfirmed after building works are complete.
  4. this was produced in Visio2000. Original files are available.

Base Measurements

Measurements of the ground floor taken by laser rangefinder are here: File:Hackspace-measurements.pdf

Entire building

3D Blender model (continuous work in progress, pull requests welcomed)

Floor plans from the lease agreement.

Ground Floor


3D visualisation of ground floor measurements

usage allocations

Ground floor usage.png

3D visualisation of groundfloor usage plans



3D visualisation of basement measurements

usage allocations

Basement usage.png

3D visualisation of basement usage plans

Older Versions

Russ' initial floor plans:

3D Visualisation of above plans