447 Hackney Road/Room Behind The Kitchen

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This room is mostly used to store kitchen equipment for when/if we enlarge the kitchen.

It also has a big black fridge/freezer which is used by the brewers.

It may sometime also store clubmate and/or Jones.


This list was made with a view to working out when could be used for emfcamp and so it is not complete.

Mixing Bowl
Plastic mixing bowl
Stainless Steel mixing Bowl
2 x nesting cake tins
2 x measuring jugs
Frying pan x 2
Small Pan + Lid  
medium pan (non-stick, manky)
Spatula x 2
Large metal spatular thing

BBQ rare / medium / bravo things
Big knife
Serrated Knives
Small knife
Serrated Knife
Bread Knife   
Cheese grater x 2

Bottle Opener
Cork screw   
Cheese Slice
Wierd thing that might be for pasta
Potato peeler
Can opener   
Many Tea Lights
Nasty 4 slot toaster

Paper serving plates
Bread Bin
Stove top Coffee percolators: 1 x small, 1 x medium
Many napkins 
Nut crackers
Odd little strainer thing
Nitrile Gloves
Small scales < 5Kg
Kettle, non-electric (no cap)
Fire lighters (many)
2 x disposable BBQ's
Ladel x 3