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Power Over Ethernet

This page documented the use of POE kit at 447 Hackney Road. We have deployed considerably more POE equipment into Ujima House (our 2018 Wembley location) and updated another wiki page accordingly. At 447, we had a creative balance of POE switching and midspans. (Wembley is mostly POE-enabled network switches)


Name/type Gigabit? Ports Location Comments
PowerDsine 6012 No 12 downstairs kit pile Has a serial port, don't know how to manage it
Phihong POE370U Yes! 16 Quiet room rack code to manage it here: https://github.com/londonhackspace/phihong , It's connected to booch and can be managed from there.
Cisco 3560 No 24 Basement Rack, hostname cisco-poe
Dlink P1012 No 12 downstairs kit pile Manageable with Ethernet, not setup.

Phi Hong (Quietroom midspan) ports

For the inputs: a plain number is Equipment/Cisco2, and 3com is the Equipment/3com1. For the outputs a plain number is on the top 2 patch panels (which are numberd 1 to 48), and 3-something is on the bottom patch panel, otherwise it's directly connected without going through a patch panel.

x = not used.

Input Switch port Midspan Port Output Patch Panel port Notes
3 1 ap1 (Quietroom AP) - direct
4 2 42 -> classroom ceiling -> ap2
3com-3 3 Booch direct
x 4 x
x 5 x
3com-13 6 37 -> backdoorbot
x 7 x
3com-41 8 41 -> classroom ceiling -> classroomcam
3com-9 9 3-9 ?mainroomcam?
x 10 x
x 11 x
22 12 48 electronics area, why is this poe? (I probably have the wrong port)
44 13 13 pillar near shower -> phone on black desks
3com-37 14 3-12 by tesla -> tesla phone
x 15 x
32 (?) 16 44 cleaning cupboard, one day we hope to have the PIR's wired up...


currently running

  • ap1 and ap2, both upstairs, powered by the Phihong POE370U
  • Mainroomcam
  • classroomcam
  • (backdorbot)
  • booch
  • many ip phones around the space for Project:VOIP

not yet installed

  • Arduino + DMX shield
  • acnodes x ?