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We no longer run regular monthly meetings, and this page is for historical information only.


Since Laboratory 24 is too small for our large public monthly meetings, we hold them in the Trampery instead.

We always organise workshops on a variety of subjects for these meetings. They tend to start around 8pm, so make sure you're there in time if you want to take part in it.

If you want beer bring it with you, we've had to stop providing it in return for donations.


Every third Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm-ish til 11pm-ish.


The Trampery is a co-working space located in Shoreditch, within walking distance of Old Street and Liverpool Street.


8-15 Dereham Place


Both members and non-members can attend these meetings, so it's a great time for new people to introduce themselves or collaborate on small projects. It tends to be a nice mix of regulars, irregulars and new faces.


  • Because you want to attend workshops on a diverse range of subjects.
  • Because you want to hack on projects in the company of others.
  • Because you need help with something.
  • Because you just want to hang out with like minded people.
  • Because you want to eat cake.


People bring beer with them if they want to drink, but coffee, tea and water are available for those who don't.

We usually end up at a nearby pub or bar afterward, but if everyone is having a good time we might stay late at The Trampery instead.


People generally order pizza in all night.

What happens?

  • Learning and making things at the provided workshops.
  • Hacking on projects and getting other people involved.
  • Showing off projects to other people.
  • Socialising with other attendees (Read: Sitting around chatting).
  • Beer drinking.
  • Cake eating.